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yesHow does Arizona fund schools?Arizona funds its schools based on the number of students and the miles students are transported. It is formula based funding and a school district’s budget limit does not increase or decrease if the assessed value in the district changes. Arizona provides a specific dollar amount per student for maintenance and operational expenses (salaries, benefits, supplies, services, utilities) and for capital (furniture, equipment, technology, vehicles, textbooks, library books, instructional aids).

With voter approval, the Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Override will allow Humboldt to increase its M&O Budget by 10%.

The district has been impacted in the following ways:YESSigns1

  • Increase in class sizes
  • Reduction in staff (75 teachers resulting in larger class sizes, 55 support staff positions)
  •  Reduction in staffing of librarians,
    counselors, and other positions
  • Increase in pay to pay fees for students
  • Elimination of district provided full-day kindergarten